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Darkened Dawn (Update !)

Darkened Dawn (Ownable Houses)_Image
Darkened Dawn (Ownable Houses)_Image
(New Cave!) Supernatural Roleplay_Image
Vampire Roleplay New HatGUI_Image
Vampire Roleplay (WaterFall ADDED)_Image
Vampire Roleplay (NEW MAP!)_Image
(NEW CAVE!) Vampire Roleplay_Image
Vampire Roleplay (NEW MAP!)_Image
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Thumbs up: 7,002
Thumbs down: 673
You arrive in a small, humble town in a the middle of a forest. Wander around, explore the surroundings, you may find some things are out of the ordinary.  
Impoved Bio Gui so that it would send a DataStore Request every time the a person scrolled.
Added a name changer. Now people can see a person's Roblox name, and their roleplay game. (Also the game has 241 hats as of now.)
Builder: chris046
Joined: 7/20/2008
Updated:1 day ago
Max Players:10
Allowed Gear Types: