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Cryptids and Paranormal Creatures 2

Cryptids and Paranormal Creatures 2_Image
Cryptids and Paranormal Creatures 2_Image
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i have place with creatures that may or may not be real including: Kappa, Unicorn, Angel, Reptilicus, Trunko, Orang Pendek, Raptor, Dark Black Rose, Frankinstein, Spinosaurus, Mothra, Sea Serpent, Sharkman, Champ, Kasai Rex, Ahool, Pegasus, Ningen, Fouke Monster, Chessie, Monster of Stonehenge, Texas Chupacabra, Batsquatch, Loveland Frog, Gremlin, Demon, Paranormal Activity Demon, Giant Ant, Reptilian, Lusca, Yowie, Cave Demon, Giant Lobster, Big Rhodey, Jungle Walrus, Swamp Shark, Giant Crocodilian, Gambo, Bessie, Beast of Dartmoor, And 6 Rare Cryptids including: Bloop, Spring Heeled Jack, Jackalope, Cthulhu, Grassman, and Triceratops. new! UFO and Truck. ALSO 2 super rare cryptid like headless horseman and noob monster...
Builder: CryptidsBros
Joined: 5/27/2012
Updated:2 years ago
Max Players:20
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