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Catch/Battle Your Own Pokemon!

                Catch/Battle Your Own Pokemon!
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This is the original capture a pokemon place. Any copies are FAKES. (the only people that have my permission to copy are:shadowmario11159,viper123,ZLIPRAE,and Foobadooba1) To catch a pokemon: look for the pokeballs! Each pokemon has a different ability that can be used for battles! But look out, if you die you lose your pokemon! Take the green teleport to go to the funroom.There are many pokemon avalible in this game.                PLEASE READ THE RULES:
1.NO shooting the red tent (the admin door)
2.NO destroying things
3.NO shooting the regen button or spamming regens
4.Have fun!
Beaking ANY of these rules will resault in a KICK. Thank you, good luck on your adventure!Credits to Kanaju for 3 quarters of the pokeballs (the rest made by me)
UNCOPYLOCKED! Feel free to anything as long as you give me credit!
Builder: Mai
Joined: 6/3/2007
Updated:5 years ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: