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Burn/Destroy The Eiffel Tower || Original

Burn/Destroy The Eiffel Tower || Original
Thumbs up: 52
Thumbs down: 9
Join this group and you will have VIP:

Tell me if anyone abuses the regen button.
[ Really, please tell me their name if they do this. I can ban them from the game if you get a video of them doing it. ]

Private message me suggestions and feedback on this place.

Test your gears here too!

UPDATE: I've put a new regen button in the VIP room. I also fixed the auto regen so it regens the tower every 10 minutes. The button regens it immediately. 

After shooting your normal rocket, aim with your mouse!

Controls for Hornet Helicopter: Y to start, X to stop, W to go forward, S to stop going forward, F to fire guns, Q to lower, E to rise.
Builder: zachzach74
Joined: 7/21/2008
Updated:3 weeks ago
Max Players:5
Allowed Gear Types: