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Build To Survive The Disasters *HACKED*

Build To Survive The Disasters *UPDATED*_Image
Build To Survive The Disasters *UPDATED*_Image
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Someone got into the game and messed with all the baseplates and scripts and saved it... 5000 times so i can't revert back to a certain time. i'll will fix this problem later. In the mean time play a very similar game here:



UPDATE- Kick players by typing "kick (player name)" more tools in the shop and a face changer gui


Added badge. Trying to script a save tool like ROBLOX did so be patience. Will add more badges when I get the robuxs for them. VIP is now added. This is my build to survive disaster game. Use the StamperTool to place build. Use R, or T to flip/Rotate. The shop has minimal tools in it right now
Builder: jim11
Joined: 7/14/2008

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