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~* Build, Roleplay, & Fight:The Mercy Mountains *~

~* Build, Roleplay, & Fight:The Mercy Mountains *~
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Welcome to my new place, were you can build, roleplay, or fight. There are admins here, so be warned, criminal scum.  If you see anyone breaking the rules listed below, or just generally acting foolish, send me a PM and I'll take care of the issue.
                              ~* Rules *~
Building Rules *~
* No deleting
* No spamming
* No moving around, defacing, or otherwise tinkering with someone else's building without their permission

General Rules *~
* No spawnkilling
* No teamkilling (unless the person is breaking another rule, and this is needed to fix that. It is understandable and tolerated, also, if you kill in personal defense.
* No spawnrushing
* No exploiting/hacking/lagging

Roleplay Rules *~

* No one-hit killing
* No godmodding
* Do not overpower your roleplay character
* Don't be stupid.
* When talking out of character (OOC) use parenthesis.
* No begging (Example: No saying things like "For a boyfriend/cat/king/whatever, say 123!"

Builder: yumi9989
Joined: 5/21/2009
Updated:4 months ago
Max Players:15
Allowed Gear Types: