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Kool Killer!_Image
Kool Killer!_Image
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UIP = Updates In Progress for those who asked me in PMs.

==================Data Saving==================
The old saving method was very confusing to some players so I simplified it.
Save 10 in all tool makers/armour makers is the Perma Save... Building your stuff using it for perma saves.

Save 8-10 on Swords are all perma saves. This is a test demonstration before I add 3 saves to the other tools.

==================New Guis==================
I modified some of the tool's guis and will continue to do so. The new guis are Draggable :) Enjoy!

I may add a raycasting type to the guns for anyone who is interested in that!


If you don't like the new updates... take it up with my complaint box located in that toilet over thar! Cause I will not read them. Post your ideas for my game here! Also CAC needs a new name... I was suggested Ultimate Creature, but that takes away from the 
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