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Bloxster 2XH, CLOUD 9 SNOWBOARD, Hyperbike vs. Ro-

BC Hyperbike vs. Ro-torcycle Racing [Updates]_Imag
BC Hyperbike vs. Ro-torcycle Racing [Updates]_Imag
Updated course_Image
BC Hyperbike vs. Ro-torcycle Racing [Updates]_Imag
Thumbs up: 135
Thumbs down: 62
FIXED: Grey landscape (from Roblox update)
ADDED: Bloxster 2XH. Standard speed: 250 SPS (instead of 70 SPS on Roblox version); VIP versions are 350SPS and 750SPS.

UPDATED: Includes modified CLOUD 9 SNOWBOARD (original board max speed: 70; modified board max speed: 350)

"Odd" speed test. Check it out on YouTube:

Please rate a thumbs up or let me know what needs improvement. Thank you.

Added Hallowcycle to starter pack.

[READ] If your screen is foggy adjust your game settings from the menu. Lower your settings so you can see the map.

NBC version:

Race down a massive icy hill on a Ro-torcycle or a Hyperbike (TRON cycle) at 250 SPS. Watch out for hazards as you make your way to the finish line.

Create your own race with friends or ride it alone. To race a friend, say "start" near the starting lights and wait for the countdown.
Builder: Undue
Joined: 12/29/2011
Updated:2 months ago
Max Players:12
Allowed Gear Types: