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Bleach:Hollows Return [v1.37] PlayerPoints

Bleach: Hollows Return (Beta) [New Skill/Boss]_Ima
Bleach: Hollows Return (Beta) [New Skill/Boss]_Ima
Thumbs up: 2,445
Thumbs down: 191
-Added new boss made by EvilGrey
-Add Health Bar Color Changes
-Added Espada Resurrection
-Added Player Points (unsure)  ~ samirroj's idea on level up
-Added a new bar for Flash Steps
-MrDoughnuthead made Soul Society
I added DataStores as a backup for your levels.
I won't give you any levels stop asking please.
-Added new Hollow Move "Venom Explosion" Lvl 100
-Fixed Hollow Models and Added Teleport Bricks to KT
-Level 2k+ Players can Fly
-Level 300+ Arrancar,Soul Reaper, and Vizard can get Shikai by typing the name of their custom exactly as it's spelled. (Proper caps)
(Talk to Rukia to edit your weapon)
-Teleport bricks at Urahara's shop

Fullbringer Moves are the same color as the players Torso Color
Bleach Hollows Return Group:

This Game Has PvP in it. 

Level 1-14 Can't attack players
Builder: Cetharis
Joined: 7/27/2012
Updated:1 week ago
Max Players:16
Allowed Gear Types: