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Bleach:Hollows Return [v1.18]

Bleach: Hollows Return (Beta) [New Skill/Boss]_Ima
Bleach: Hollows Return (Beta) [New Skill/Boss]_Ima
Thumbs up: 1,959
Thumbs down: 153
-Skills to be Added. 
-Removed Bosses Celd and Dyn
-Hueco mundo now has NPCs that are random sizes.
-Quincies will save your level loss going forward. It won't cost a 2nd 25 levels in the future. (V 1.16)
-Level 2k+ Players can Fly
-Hotkey system shows Letters properly now
-Level 300+ Arrancar,Soul Reaper, and Vizard can get Shikai by typing the name of their custom exactly as it's spelled. (Proper caps)
(Talk to Rukia to edit your weapon)
-Teleport bricks at Urahara's shop
-Celdryx Spawner Fix
-Fixed Various Skills Unlock Levels
-Menos Forest Boss Added For Levels 3500+ at a 1,100 chance.

Fullbringer Moves are the same color as the players Torso Color

Bleach Hollows Return Group:

This Game Has PvP in it. 

Level 1-14 Can't attack players
Level 15 - 74 can only attack the other team
Level 75+ can attack Team mates and Others.
Builder: Cetharis
Joined: 7/27/2012
Updated:2 months ago
Max Players:16
Allowed Gear Types: