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~Blade of Darkness~ Fort: Eterna 2.0

~Blade of Darkness~ Fort: Eterna 2.0
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Fort Eterna is located off the coast of Glacelus. An arctic island.  A few Blade of Darkness found this unusual looking island, with stone hills and in the center is a empty barren land with no trees or grass. Using limited resources, we made this abandoned island part of our BoD land. _____________________________________ Raiding RULES: If there is less then 5 BoD Members in server, the raid is void. Must Hold Flag located just behind the gate inside, fr 15 MINUTES, to claim victory, and make a screenshot of you winning the raid for proof. We have the rights to use the m/ command. If you Flame of any kind, break any of our raiding rules we have the rights to KICK/BAN/PUNISH YOU. [ IN ORDER TO RAID, YOU MUST BE ON RAIDER'S TEAM!] _____________________________________ One of Blade of Darkness' forts! Join today! Link: _____________________________________
Builder: Champian108
Joined: 2/28/2010
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Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:30
Allowed Gear Types: