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【❖】-【Blackwater Infantry】: Homeland Demacia

【❖】-【Blackwater Infantry】: Homeland Demacia
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Welcome to Blackwater Infantry's Homeland Demacia. 
Located in the greatest planet of Demacia and guarded by the loyal soldiers of Blackwater Infantry.
Raid limit is 1 hour. There must be 4 Blackwater Infantry members, a Blackwater Infantry HR and 4 Hostiles for a raid to be official.
► No flaming.
► Must PM the Chancellor or any HR online 10 minutes before raiding.
► No pre-flooding. Doing so will result in a crash.
► No exploiting.
► No FPS Throttling.
► No empty server raiding.
► No spamming.
► No auto-wins.
► No admin abusing.
► No uniform raiding.
► No glitching.
Builder: iMustDesire
Joined: 9/28/2013
Sorry, this place is currently closed to visitors.
Updated:2 months ago
Max Players:40
Allowed Gear Types: