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[Black Watch]Operation Desert Storm [Raidible]

[Black Watch]Operation Desert Storm [Raidible]
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Map Rules: 
1. No hacking of any form. 
2. No empty server raiding. 
3. 80 KOs 
4. 4 Bw Members for an official raid
5. Spawnkill= 12 hour suspension
6. BW, If you decide to use Admin you can only use 
7. Allies kills go to BW kills
8.You have to have a screen shot of spawnkill,Fammed,or AA in order to win
Note: Opposing Forces will be suspended for 1 day. If they TK, Flaming etc.
Rules NOT stated in desc or in game are not supported. Auto win is not supported unless hacked.
If you are not present to hear the stated rules in game, ask your commanding officer or who ever is present.
Raid with 4 people or more, otherwise it's pointless and I'll just ban you for taking up my time.
Builder: william90909
Joined: 10/13/2009
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Updated:10 months ago
Max Players:30
Allowed Gear Types: