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Be Godzilla or Mechagodzilla (Read Description)

Be Godzilla or Mechagodzilla (Read Description)
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No killing near spawn or morphs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game created on December 30, 2010.  Welcome to "Be Godzilla or Mechagodzilla!". 

This is how to play. Get tools from the first three givers in front of the spawn. Then go up to Godzilla or Mecha Godzilla and step on the circular button labeled "1" . next, step on the square button labeled "2" to become Godzilla or Mecha Godzilla! Finally, get the tools from the giver next the morph you chose.

You can fight each other, or destroy the city. Morphs customly modified by me. All Buildings made by me. Have fun!
Builder: wassupxx9
Joined: 12/19/2009
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Updated:2 years ago
Max Players:7
Allowed Gear Types: