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BNL Coal Mine Tycoon V5.12 -!-

BNL Coal Mine Tycoon V5.12 -!-
Thumbs up: 95
Thumbs down: 57
-!- Warning! The soil currently dug for is running out of ore to get coal from. But do not worry, the BNL Exploration Team is already drilling in search for new resources. Some results show that there is oil at the even lower depths... Maybe we need to drill for that? -!-
The new BNL Tycoon Creation Kit is based on this tycoon it's engine. Get it today:
There is almost no lag. If there is, it is the carts or someone's coal, I'm making progress on fixing it.
Updates: -disabled vote-to-kick-script, noobs kept abusing it (you might be one, except when you can take that as a yoke). Controls for the cart: use the CartControl tool and press Q to open the door, E to close it and R to reset your cart.
!!! VIP Link: !!!
I guess it's pretty bugless now.
Also, treat each other nice, okay?
Builder: TimBNL
Joined: 5/21/2008
Updated:3 years ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: