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Armored Patrol v7.1

Armored Patrol v7.1
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Thumbs down: 916
Changed the things below, as previously described.  Also, still no save but the shop has a kind of preview of what I am thinking of for save.  Also, I removed the ultra shells and other consumables for now .  Also, special thanks to AssassinToob for help and testing.
1) Heli changed as follows: crash damage threshold changed from 70% to 50% (i.e. crashes with less damage now), crash if tail rotor shot off, crash if no one onboard, floor is now damageable, weapons remain the same.
2) Fixed various vehicles missing wheels and parts when genned.
3) Fix tower falling when built.
4) Fixed back door on truck.
5) Various other things.
Feedback appreciated.   As always, have fun!
Builder: Wingman8
Joined: 4/5/2008
Updated:6 days ago
Max Players:14
Allowed Gear Types: