Are You A Noob Obby?

Are You A Noob Obby?_Image
Are You A Noob Obby?_Image
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Are you a noob or are you a achiever? Prove yourself and others that you are not a noob.
This obby consists of many stages to see if you are a noob or not. All of these stages in this obby are possible to overcome, so do not think they are impossible, they have all been tested by 3 different people. 

Don't forget to hit the save button to save the stage you are at before you leave!

Note: Just because you have access to the Vip/Mega vip road, doesn't mean you can skip stages, you still have to complete them all

Buying gamepasses will help you beat the obby and make you not a noob.
Latest Update:
Added more stages.
Game passes to help ease this obby are below.
Builder: SLIPDOG
Joined: 6/22/2010
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:10
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