Apocalypse:New Blockers city v11.8

Apocalypse:New Blockers city  v11.3_Image
Apocalypse:New Blockers city  v11.3_Image
Apocalypse:New Blockers city  v11.3_Image
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ATTN:AN UPDATE IS COMING VERY SOON,JUST READ THIS http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=135830411

intro:it was called the Noob flu its orgins were unknown,but when it hit new blockers city there was cahos riots,looting,death,the police were overwhelmed and defeated so the robloxian government called in the national guard to save the city the army only had the city undr control for a few days until communications between them and the robloxian government ceased,out of options the army launched a nuke to destroy the infection,but the readation from the warhead mutated the infected.the army abandoned the city after the infection and its troops were left to die in its city limits 

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