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Amnesia: Whispers From The Dead -Ver 2.4!- Read De

amnesia custom story: whispers of dread 0.1_Image
amnesia custom story: whispers of dread 0.1_Image
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-More rooms
-A Servant Grunt Morph for RP's
-All notes have been removed (technical difficulties)
-Scenery has been slightly tweaked.
Update Spoils:
A secret area will be shortly added. there will also be a few ____ and a ____ room.
Please rate this level fairly and send me a message, if you recommend something, like something, or don't like something about the level, other than that, enjoy.
Hello all!
I am the maker of this custom story (obviously)
and I have recently noticed that I have over 2000 visits on this level! so, after a long wait, I have decided to actually work on the level. I cant update this all the time because well.. I have a life to live so xD till then, try your best to enjoy the level!

note: you must buy access into this game. Don't worry, I will take remove the access fee in a later update. :)
Builder: lolkid999
Joined: 9/28/2010
Price: 25
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Updated:3 months ago
Max Players:10
Allowed Gear Types: