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*Admin Sale*Legend of Creeper's Kingdom

*Admin Sale*Legend of Creeper's Kingdom
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Recent Updates [CST timezone]:
[4/13/14; 11:52AM; v2.9.5] Paper Sword of Robloxia
[3/22/14; 7:09PM; v2.9.4] Lot Less Lag (Max. 20)
[2/19/14; 7:40PM; v2.9.3] The Federation is trying to take over! Earl has joined the battle
[2/13/14; 4:50PM; v2.9.2]Ghost Axe
[2/10/14; 5:32PM; v2.9.1] Birthday Axe (talk to bonnie in game) (Max players 19)
[2/8/14; 4:02PM; v2.9] Mobs are fixed! (sorry about that) (Max players 17)
[2/8/14; 3:34PM; v2.8.9] Dual diamond swords (Max players 16)
[2/8/14; 1:04PM; v2.8.8] Free Admin Armor Day! (Max players 14)
[2/8/14; 9:06AM; v2.8.7] Took out party sword, fixed the Azure and crimson daggers, add diamond bow
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Joined: 2/26/2010
Updated:1 week ago
Max Players:12
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