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Admin House

Admin House
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Ultimate FUN / Build , Cars, Forts, Get any Hat, face, Gear , morphs, Play NICE ! :D Khols Admin house but alil different ! :D Updates constantly, YOUTUBE scott Tracey Roblox : xkillrxrx This map does NOT REQUIRE you to stand on ADMIN pads to be recognized as admin everyone's automatically granted the privilege to use commands and do anything you wish and please ! :D Roblox admin room, fun , build, PVP gear catalog war, EPICNESS Unlimited commands,  Kohls Admin House NBC  Kohls Admin House BC Popular Work at a Pizza Place Cops and Robbers The Mega Impossible Obby THE MAD MURDERER The Spongebob Invasion  Different Town of Robloxia Murder Mystery  The Impossible Obby Survive The Disasters Undead Nation  Raise Children in Bloxita Space Knights The Greenwood Town Get Rich Bank Tycoon Natural Disaster Survival Apocalypse Rising Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia Paintball Classic Marvel Heroes  Beach Ho
Builder: ogscott
Joined: 5/11/2008
Updated:2 months ago
Max Players:20
Allowed Gear Types: