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A Whales Life ~Deeper Seas!~

A Whales Life ~Deeper Seas!~
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I Removed "Fight tool" and added nature weapons (Tail/Fluke/Mouth of whale ( be carful u dont kill your friends lol)) (Note: i made the morphs, do not mistaken with doomcrow) . Minke whales are here! You can talk to some of my fellow whales for quests, each reward you a Badge (2 Now). Now the Biggest mammal is here! Blue Whale! robloxians can feed Whales fish. whale can now eat the swimming fish, more fish comes every 2 minutes. A Humpback Whale Morph! Shark morph. narwhals (Tusked whales) can fight each other. il add more abilities. all in the desc is found in new servers. Oh no, a fishing net trap!
Builder: mastermind140
Joined: 9/26/2008
Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:20
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