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A Dinozaur'z Life V4 RC

You need JavaScript enabled to view this video.
You need JavaScript enabled to view this video.
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A Dinosaur's Life V3: Updates!_Image
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{:playing monkey theme zound track:}

Play az a Dinozaur and zurvive! Many kindz of Dinozaurz to chooze and play while roleplaying with other playerz, either become friend or foe is your choice!

1. Zelect a Team
2. Chooze a Dinozaur in that Team by Zaying itz Name
3. Keep your Ztatuz Above 0
4. Reach Adulthood
5. Don't Die
6. zZzZz

Zup pipz RUBz here, future updatez will conzizt of terrain Makeover, Fauna, new dinozaurs and weather! yay!

Original by RUBZTER300
-Info of ADL'z updatez and next updatez are zhown above the zcreen in-game.
Builder: RUBZTER300
Joined: 9/4/2009
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:20
Allowed Gear Types: