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☆39☆Space Fantasy: The Ride!☆39☆- Wave4 Ride!

☆39☆Space Fantasy: The Ride!☆39☆- Wave4 Ride!_Imag
☆39☆Space Fantasy: The Ride!☆39☆- Wave4 Ride!_Imag
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The grand opening may have come later than expected. Nonetheless, welcome to the 39th ride in the Lappy Rides Co. timeline. This is Space Fantasy: The Ride! This ride was originally apart of Laptopmarchman's Wave4 Ride Series. Check his page out for more rides in addition to this one. Your reasoning visiting outer space is because the sun is dieing and only you can help save the universe! Your captain: GBOT and the princess of the solar system: Cosmia will be joining you for the adventure. Cosmia is the queen of the Solar System. Both of their guidance is needed greatly, as you'll come across planets, stars, space clouds, flaming asteroids, and even Earth itself! Only you can stop the sun from dieing, can you be the one to do it? This attraction is a recreation of "Space Fantasy: The Ride!" at Universal Studios Japan. Be sure to visit all other Laptopmarchman rides and have fun! -Lappy :)
Joined: 2/12/2012
Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:12
Allowed Gear Types: