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[1.7.1] Build Your Cybersuit

[1.7.1] Build Your Cybersuit_Image
[1.7.1] Build Your Cybersuit_Image
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[FAN GROUP] Build Your Cybersuit; Enter the Arena_
Thumbs up: 4,313
Thumbs down: 1,321
1.7 UPDATE: M-M-MAP CHANGER(There are no maps yet though :P)! And, thicker walls.
1.7.1 patch: thicker walls everywhere, admin list updated.
It's 2 million visits. It's hard to believe in it! :D
NOTE: If you have a great-looking mech/car, and want it to appear in the next thumbnail image, post your pics on Twitter and send me the links. Decent creations will appear in new thumbnails and creators' names will be put in game description! (And, probably, the Hall of Creativity that I'm preparing.)
Join the fan group, it is the easiest way to contact me, post your ideas and complaints there. C:
Builder: StaySpy
Joined: 1/4/2009
Updated:1 month ago
Max Players:8
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