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Ⱳastelander™ Echoes [BROKEN]

❖ Wastelander™: Echoes ❖ [Core game]_Image
❖ Wastelander™: Echoes ❖ [Core game]_Image
❖ Wastelander™: Echoes ❖ [Core game]_Image
❖ Wastelander™: Echoes ❖ [Core game]_Image
Thumbs up: 214
Thumbs down: 47
Currently broken. May attempt to use the new engine for testing purposes. -------------------------------------------------
Wastelander™ 3 Episode 1: Echoes, the largest installment of the Wastelander™ series. Hundreds of years after nuclear fires consumed Earth, mankind has returned to a state of hunter-gatherers surviving at all costs. But echoes of the old world are still present; technology, values, resources, business- all still kicking and being fought over. In reality, not much has changed- just groups of people trying to survive and make a life for themselves. But without the presence of organized government, tribes form, wars are fought, and the human race continues doing what it does best... Destroying itself. You are a simple lone survivor with a nondescript affiliation, a mercenary of sorts. Thankfully, you've found yourself wandering through the Texan Wasteland, and run into some Confederates in need of some help...
Builder: Vinya
Joined: 2/6/2008
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:6
Allowed Gear Types: